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Our Learning Philosophy

Educational Philosophy

Alma Primary supports the highest level of academic attainment and will place a priority on critical, independent and creative thought and expression. Every child is supported to make the greatest possible progress, achieve their maximum potential and make a successful transition to the secondary school of their choice. The school gives children a thorough Jewish and Hebrew education of the highest standards, which equips them with the skills, knowledge and confidence to participate in Jewish life and learning.


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As in all aspects of learning at Alma Primary, children are encouraged to take risks, experience success both inside and outside of the school environment. Alongside the important skills of reading, writing, maths, scientific enquiry etc., children at Alma Primary benefit from learning a range of skills that are commonly referred to as 21st century learning skills and which include creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem solving, communication and collaboration. By focusing on teaching children vital learning skills, such as how to learn from one another and to deal with anxiety, Alma Primary provides children with the tools to make the most of their time at school and beyond.

The development of strong communications skills in speaking, reading and writing is placed at the forefront of learning and since children are growing up in a world dominated by digital images and video, children are similarly supported to learn and to thrive in this environment. Central to the school's teaching philosophy is the importance of giving children the opportunity and encouragement to use creativity to solve problems and generate solutions to challenges. Pupils are involved in an enquiry-based approach to learning, where exploration, challenges, games and project-based work enable children to acquire skills and knowledge in the context of meaningful, authentic, stimulating learning experiences. Traditional Jewish learning emphasises the ability to think critically and to question, and this is a skill that is nurtured in children during their time at Alma Primary. The school is a place of excitement, pleasure and discovery where children are supported to make progress and achieve their potential, from the outstandingly gifted to those in most need of support.

Through understanding and celebrating different cultures, staff at Alma Primary will enable children to develop their own unique identities, and become confident participants in a diverse world, with a passion to improve and care for it. The school fosters a caring, inter-generational community of children, parents and teachers where a love of Judaism is fostered, as are pride in Jewish identity and a commitment to the Jewish people and Israel. Positive and inspiring Jewish experiences including daily prayer, will enable moral and spiritual development. Alma Primary pupils are imbued with the ethical and moral values of the Jewish tradition including good citizenship, volunteerism, mutual responsibility, care for the natural world and positive relationships with other faiths and the wider community.