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Our Curriculum Principles

Learning How To Learn
We teach our children vital learning skills such as how to work in teams together, learn from one another, deal with stress and anxiety, as well as to perform at their best when being assessed. We believe that by teaching children these skills and others, we provide them with the tools to make the most of their time at Alma Primary and beyond.

Emotional Intelligence
By developing our children’s emotional literacy, we help them to understand their own emotions, and those of others. In doing this we enable them to access the best learning opportunities, support cross-year friendships, and encourage children to look at the impact of their behaviour on others.

Interesting Lives
The curriculum emphasises exposure to significant and interesting lives, taking care to balance a variety of role models and enabling children to understanding great discoveries, art and ideas through the lives of those involved in them. In particular we strive to teach children about a range of female role models in order to provide balance and promote equality.

Deep Learning
In teaching children new information, teachers strive to show how it relates to exploration of previous topics, as well as other areas such as linking to history, science and modern Hebrew. This helps to build up a bigger picture of awareness and creates a richer learning experience that is easier for children to retain. Through this, and through our ‘learning in depth’ programme, we enable children to become mature, confident learners.

Critical Thinking
Encouraging children to ask critical questions, question assumptions and consider alternative approaches is essential for responding to modernity. In particular, traditional Jewish learning emphasises the ability to think critically and to question, a skill we nurture in children during their time at Alma Primary.

Central to our school’s teaching philosophy is the importance of giving children the opportunity and encouragement to use creativity to solve problems and generate solutions to challenges.

Clear Communication
Developing strong communications skills in speaking, reading and writing are placed at the forefront of learning at Alma Primary. We understand that our children are growing up in a world dominated by digital images and video, so we prepare children to understand and to thrive in this environment.

Celebrating Difference and Respect
Through understanding and celebrating different religions, faiths and cultures, we enable our children to develop their own unique identities, and become confident participants in a diverse world, with a passion to improve and care for the world they are part of. Active Citizenship ensures that children learn about a range of cultures including their own and celebrate diversity. In accordance with the concept of ‘tikkun olam’, children will be taught to respect and preserve the environment, both their local environment and the wider world. The curriculum provides opportunities to explore moral and ethical issues, making lessons accessible and relevant to all children. Our curriculum also includes a comprehensive introduction to other faiths, drawing on the diversity within our classrooms and within our wider community to build the respect and knowledge children need in order to be effective citizens in a multi-cultural society.