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Alma Primary has been inspected by Ofsted twice, in May 2019 and June 2015. You can read our most recent inspection letter here.

In our May 2019 inspection we achieved the best outcome we could have hoped for: not only did the Inspector find that Alma continues to be a ‘Good’ school, but also awarded the school the closest equivalent to an ‘Outstanding’ verdict as is possible at this stage in the inspection cycle.

Amongst the many things identified, the inspector noted that in our school children ‘develop a genuine love of learning through a varied, purposeful and highly engaging curriculum’ and that they ‘make connections between subjects, deepening their understanding over time’.

The visit in May was a ‘short’ 1-day Inspection, conducted under Section 8 of the Education Act, in which it isn’t possible for a school to formally be judged as ‘Outstanding.’  However, as the inspector saw evidence that suggested that we might meet the criteria for Outstanding, she has recommended that Alma has a further, two-day inspection.  We expect this second inspection, under Section 5 of the Education Act, to take place within the next two years.

Alma is a community in which we are all responsible for its success, so our thanks to all who have supported our school.

Previously, Alma Primary was inspected by Ofsted on the 4th and 5th of June 2015, under Section 5 of the Education Act,  and was judged to be a 'Good' school.  You can read an executive summary of our Ofsted report here and you can download the full report  here


Alma Primary is inspected by Pikuach, the inspection service for the Jewish community, under section 48 of the Education Act. Our latest inspection took place on 22nd and 23rd June 2022 and was lead by Esther Colman. You can read our Pikuach report here.