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Governance at Alma

Alma Primary was established under the Academies Act 2010. A copy of our funding agreement with the Secretary of State for Education can be found here

The Governing Body of Alma Primary is responsible for working with the school to ensure that it delivers a good quality education. Our school governors support the work of the school by acting as a critical friend, setting strategic direction and ensuring accountability. This is achieved by working in partnership with the Headteacher, who is responsible for day-to-day management. A current list of governors and their appointment dates can be found  here

The work of our governing Body is regulated by our Articles of Association which can be accessed here.

The Governing Body of Alma Primary is made up of 17 governors including our Headteacher. Six of these governors are appointed by the members of the Alma Primary Trust, two of these are elected by the parents of children at Alma Primary, one is elected by staff of the school and a further seven are Governors who have been co-opted by the Governing Body. In addition, the trust is regulated by five Members, a list of whom you can find in our statutory accounts, here.

You can read more about our Governors here.

The work of the Governing Body is supported by four permanent Sub-Committees and a small number of additional groups, all of which include Governors, along with co-opted committee members. You can see the current structure chart of these committees here.

All of our Governors have signed a register of business interests, which you can access here.



The minutes of our governing body meetings are available below. 


Further Information

If you have questions or comments regarding our Governing Body you can contact our Chair of Governors, Ilan Jacobs at