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Our music teaching at Alma Primary, helps our children to become marvellous musicians

At Alma Primary, we encourage a love of music through prayer, singing and listening. Music is woven into our wider curriculum, for example in our Year 5 Rhythm & Beats theme, and we learn a wide range of music in our Hebrew and Jewish Learning lessons. We have weekly whole school singing assemblies, as well as singing in each class. If you visit our school you may notice our very own musical headteacher walking around playing the guitar and hear children singing along!

In Reception, the children can choose from a range of musical instruments during their free play and also have singing time once a week, as well as learning and practising a nursery rhyme of their choice each week. 

In Years 1 to 6 we have recently signed up to Charanga, a music scheme which matches the requirements of the National Curriculum. We also equip our Year 6 pupils to have the knowledge, confidence and leadership skills to lead the younger years through singing prayers each morning.