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Alma Resources Wishlist

As we all experience some difficult times, we are asking families to consider donating learning resources to the school to celebrate children's birthdays or other special occasions.

If you would like to purchase one of the resources below, please contact the school admin team.

Early Years


Hourglass Timers

Collapsable Beach toys and spades

Beach sets - buckets and spades

Digger toys

Wooden rubber band peg board – x6

Wooden magnetic puzzle game (pack of 4) – x2
Magnatiles – x1
Rainsticks – x3  
Maracas (set of 2)
Wooden recorder – x4 
Triangles – x4 
Mobilo set  
Build your own garden set. – x3 


Garden rake
Garden Spade
Medium sized gardening gloves x 10
Trellis x 3 size 90cm x 200cm approx


Multi-sports cones – pack of 12 £19.99 = 3 packs

Skipping ropes (pack of 5) £10.99 = 2 packs 

Space Hoopers £6.99 = 4

Tennis rackets (set of 2) £14.99 = 5

Connect 4 big £22.99 = 1


Year 1

Year 2

Peg board set
Magnetic Tiles Set - 3D Magnetic Building Blocks

Place value counters

Time activity set 

Felt tip pens - X 3

Florence Nightingale Book 


Spelling game 

Times Table Game 


Tissue Paper
Sketching Pencils – x2
A3 card – x4

Year 3

Magic Adventure Globe 

Multiplication Board Game 

Crayola Markers 

Place Value Coins 

Fraction Puzzle Pie 

Year 4 


Coming soon....

Year 5

Year 6

Coming soon....


No ballet shoes in Syria by Catherine Bruton x15

The Explorer by Katherine Rundell x15             

Crater Lake by Jennifer Killick x15



Soprano Glockenspiels – x1


World Map Game – x1
Geography Placemats – x7
World Maps – x5
EYFS World Map – x1
Outdoor Map for Playground – x1
Globes – x7
Map Symbol Flashcards – x2
British Isles Map Card Game – x1 
Mapominoes Game of Europe – x1
Countries of The World Game – x1
Flag Bingo – x1


Art & Design


Grid Graph Paper


Jewish Learning

Growing Seeds
Electricity kits/accessories. Spinner etc.
Blackout material


The Boy Who Cried Fabulous-  Leslea Newman

Rebecca’s Journey Home  by Brynne Olenberg Sugarman

Chik Chok Shabbat – Mara Rockcliff

The Family Book