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Admissions Guidance

Admissions Policy

Our current Admissions policy can be found here.  

Our approach

Distance is not a barrier

We want everybody who supports our ethos, who fulfils the Jewish practice criteria and who wants to come to the school to have a chance to join our community, regardless of where they live. We use a ballot system to allocate the faith-based places, so that families who live further away have just as much chance of securing a place in the school as families who live close by. We believe that this innovative approach will create a community of families actively engaged with their children’s learning and Jewish education.

Focus on involvement in the Jewish Community

We believe that if Jewish parents are already engaged in the community, it is more likely that they will be actively involved in our school community. The creation of a vibrant school community of parents will contribute to the delivery of the school’s ethos and educational objectives. We have therefore focused our Jewish practice criteria on active involvement rather than shul membership or private practice at home. In addition to regular synagogue attendance the criteria also include involvement in organised Jewish learning and attendance at one of a wide variety of Jewish community activities.

Parental support

If any parent is having difficulty fulfilling the Jewish practice criteria the Governors will do our best to offer you help and support to enable you to do so. We might, for example, help with transport or link you up with another parent nearby who is planning on attending synagogue or another community activity.


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