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About Our Name

"Olam Hesed Yibane: A world build on kindness."

Tehilim (Psalms) 89:1

In Aramaic, the language of traditional Jewish writings, Alma means ‘world’. Alma Primary brings together children from across the Jewish community and from the wider local community. This inclusivity and diversity goes hand in hand with Alma Primary’s Jewish values, including derech eretz – respect for everyone. In Spanish ‘Alma’ is the soul, reflecting our desire to support children’s spiritual and personal development. 

In Latin, Alma means ‘nourishing’ and is the root of the phrase ‘alma mater’, the school from which one has graduated, reflecting our commitment to excellence in teaching and learning. Our school will become the alma mater of a new generation of children who have been educated in a happy and nurturing community of learners and friends, enabling all our pupils to achieve their full potential in the world. 

Alongside our school logo is the phrase from the Psalms, Olam Hesed Yibane, ‘a world built on kindness’. Our vision is of a world built on caring and compassion, exemplified by a school where children experience kindness themselves and learn to be kind to others.