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Alma Primary Traveling Home Alone Consent Form

This form should be returned to the school office at least three weeks before the intended start date.

A PDF version of this form is available in the virtual office, here.

I/we confirm that the above named child may walk home from school alone on the following days and someone will be there to greet them:*
 NamePhone noRelationship to child
Contact 1
Contact 2

• I/we confirm that I/we have read and understood the school’s travelling home alone policy.
• I/we confirm that I/we have discussed the ‘Guidance for Alma children travelling home alone’ with our child and I/we are confident that they both understand and will act in accordance with this guidance.
• I/we confirm that there will be someone at the destination to greet our child.
• I/we confirm that I/we have agreed a suitable route for my/our child to travel to/from school and have ensured my/our child is familiar with the route. THE AGREED ROUTE DOES NOT INCLUDE WALKING THROUGH PARKS OR DOWN ALLEYWAYS.
• I/we confirm that we will notify the school immediately of any changes to the emergency contact details.
• I/we understand the school may revoke this consent if staff consider that child safety is compromised.


If approval is given by the headteacher, your child will be given a laminated ‘Travelling Alone Permission Card’.