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Keeping Active at Home

While we are staying at home, we need to keep active as well as keeping it together...

The 'Staying Sane' area of our website offers links and suggestions for entertainment and social activities that you can do with your family while you are at home.

Here are a few suggestions for keeping active @ home. If you have suggestions for links or tips, please email our community email address (community [at] or add it to the comments below!

Online resources you can try include:

  1. Noodle for movement and mindfulness videos for children. You can also try Go Noodle on YouTube. Popular ones include: banana, banana, banana; don’t read like a robot, clap it out.
  2. Try imoves for free fun activities to keep moving.
  3. Cosmic Kids Yoga are offering a two week free trial.
  4. Lots of families are joining Joe Wicks at 9am for PE classes streamed from his YouTube account.
  5. Play Phonics and Literacy games to practice reading.
  6. Sign up for free access to The Maths Factor to practice maths skills.
  7. Water Aid has lots of interesting games, songs and videos about the usage of water.

You don't need to use technology to keep active! Try Mrs Fine's ideas for fun fitness:

  1. Dance: turn on the radio and dance like no one is watching!  Or freeze dance... when the designated DJ stops the music and everyone freezes.
  2. Masking tape: create hopscotch on the carpet, mark out a goal for throwing beanbags/balls, or simply play hallway football.
  3. Balloon volleyball: Make a net with a piece of string between two chairs. Change it up by kicking or head-bumping the balloon.
  4. Go for a long walk. Think of things to spot or collect along the way. We have been counting blossom trees!
  5. Try some gardening: planting, trimming or digging out weeds.
  6. Spring clean: clean the windows, sweep the floor or wipe down the cupboards.
  7. Book worm work out: pick a book that has a word that it often repeated. For example, choose the word “hat” if you are ready The Cat in the Hat. Every time the word comes up, the listener needs to do a jumping jack.
  8. Yoga Jenga : Use a pencil to write down a yoga move (can be changed to any movement) on each Jenga block. Play as usual but every time a block is pulled out, the player needs to do the move. If the tower falls, do the plank for 30 seconds.
  9. Hula Hoop: Give your self lots of space to hula hoop and enjoy this core muscle strengthening activity. Can you spin in around your arm or ankle too?

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