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Pride Week 2020

Last week we celebrated diversity, learning to communicate in sign language, cooking recipes from different cultures, and considering what equality really means.

This week we are continuing that theme by celebrating Pride week. Pride week celebrates people who identify at LGBTQ+, which stands for for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and other. These are different ways that people define themselves when they love people of the same gender or if they love everyone regardless of gender.


Rainbows are a symbol of Pride week and recently have also become a symbol to support the NHS. The Pride movement uses rainbows to show how people are as diverse as the colours of the rainbow.

Today we will be decorating stones using the colours of the rainbow.

We will be making rainbow coloured humus and we will be dancing to the music of some Israeli singers who celebrate Pride and support this community. We will also listen to a story about an El Al airplane!

See all the activities below!

I hope you enjoy these activities and learn to appreciate and celebrate the different ways that people love and live.