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Dear Alma Primary, 

I hope you like listening to stories as here is a video reading to you the story of Funnybones.  It is a beautiful story and there are lots of different ideas we can take from the book.  


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First of all - did you know that we have a bone in our body nicknamed the ‘funny bone’.  Can you use seesaw to tell your teachers where it is, what it’s real name is and why you think it got this nickname.  I can tell you from experience - it is not at all funny when you knock it.  

I have also attached a pdf guide to drawing your own skeleton.  See if you can label some of the bones.  For an extra challenge, try drawing a skeleton version of your favourite animal.

Did you know there are 206 bones in the human body - 206! Wow.  Here are some anagrams of five of them - see if you can work these out.  As an extra challenge find out a few more bones and test your friends on their knowledge. 








And talking of 206 - how many different maths equations can you do where the answer is 206? E.g. 205+1, 204+2... I’m sure you can find five more interesting ones. 

Finally, for those of you up for a challenge - probably in ks2 - how about writing your own story about the three skeletons, going to a theme park at night and what they might get up to.  You could use the beginning of the book to frame the story.

One night the big skeleton sat up in bed, scratched his skull and said: ‘What should we do tonight?’

‘Let’s go to a theme park’ the little skeleton said

‘Good idea’ said the big skeleton.

So the big skeleton, the little skeleton and the dog skeleton, left their dark dark cellar, went up the dark dark staircase and into the dark dark street.  They got on a skeleton bus - to go to the theme park....


Continue the story from there.  Who else might be on the bus? What rides will they go on in the theme park.  Please use seesaw to upload your stories to your teachers.  I can’t wait to read them.


Mrs Yalonetzky