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Keeping Your Children Safe On Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram are for children aged 13 years and upwards, but we know that children still access social media platforms when they are underage.

Digital parental control is an inevitable part of child guidance. Online life is an essential part of life for most children these days. As a parent/carer, it is imperative to understand that it is your task to help your child be safe while using their various technological gadgets and online platforms. Have conversations with your children so that they know that you have parental control over what they are doing online. Explain to them the risks of using social media and why you are limiting certain activities. They need to know every danger hidden behind innocent actions and the fact that everything that you are doing is to keep them safe. You wouldn’t put them in the car without a seatbelt and so, this is their seatbelt for navigating the minefield of the internet.

Attached are two sets of guidance that I have written for you regarding privacy and security settings for Facebook and Instagram.