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Digital Safety and Wellbeing Blog

At Alma, we work together with our families and children to promote digital safety and wellbeing for children of all ages. We have a group of parents/carers, who work together to explore ways that we can teach, promote and encourage families to think about their children's digital wellbeing and safety. They are known as our 'Digital Champions.'

We also have a group of twelve children - three children from each class in Key Stage 2 - who have been trained by 'Childnet' to work together to support their peers across the school in raising awareness about the importance of staying safe online. They are known as our 'Digital Leaders.'

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  • 18/12/23

    Where can I seek additional support about digital safety and wellbeing?

    Here, you will find a number of links to support you in supporting your children to navigate the digital world safely.
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  • 11/12/23

    Live Streaming

    Information and advice about the dangers and risks involved with live streaming.
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  • 04/12/23

    Social Media Influencers

    Information about social media influencers and the increasingly significant role that they play in shaping the opinions, interests and behaviours of children and young people.
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  • 27/11/23

    Apps And Websites To Be Aware Of

    This post contains information about some of the many apps and websites that you might not have heard of, which you need to be aware of.
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  • 20/11/23

    EA Sports FC 24

    Please read the attached about your children staying safe when using EA Sports FC 24, a football themed simulation video game.
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  • 15/11/23

    Smart TVs

    Please read the attached to find out more about staying safe online when using Smart TVs.
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  • 13/11/23

    Being Online

    Information about parental controls and privacy settings through your broadband providers.
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  • 06/11/23

    Mobile Phone Apps

    Information about the Snapchat, TikTok and Pinterest mobile phone and tablet apps.
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  • 30/10/23

    The Online Safety Act Becomes Law

    The Online Safety Act achieved Royal Assent on 26th October 2023, placing new duties on social media platforms to protect children and make the UK the safest place in the world to be online.
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  • 30/10/23

    Keeping Your Children Safe On WhatsApp

    WhatsApp is for children aged 16 years and upwards, but we know that children still access social media platforms when they are underage. 
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  • 16/10/23

    Keeping Your Children Safe On Facebook and Instagram

    Facebook and Instagram are for children aged 13 years and upwards, but we know that children still access social media platforms when they are underage.
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