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Alma Together 2021

April 2020

  • 29/04/20

    Yom HaAtzmaut @ Alma

    For Yom HaAtzmaut we sent a big message to Israel from Alma Primary... and had a lot of fun!
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  • 29/04/20

    Yom HaAtzmaut Treasure Hunt

    Welcome to our special activities for Yom HaAtzmaut - Israeli Independance Day
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  • 28/04/20

    Mental Health with Miss Rosehill

    Miss Rosehill and Mr Leo are back with some more ideas about keeping our minds healthy and active!
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  • 24/04/20

    Parasha Tazria-Metzura

    This week's parasha is Tazria-Metzurah. 
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  • 08/04/20

    The Hilltop Seder

    This story about Seder night is our last Alma Together blog before Pesah (Passover) starts tonight. 
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  • 07/04/20

    Book making

    In todays blog, Miss Marlin shows us how to make a book from plain paper. You can use this technique to make a story book, a diary, a poetry collection or whatever you want!
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  • 05/04/20

    Pesah-Spring Holiday Challenges

    Over the Pesah-spring holidays we won’t be setting any daily tasks, but instead we are suggesting some (mainly) art-based challenges for Alma children to do over the break.
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  • 02/04/20

    Parashat Tzav - How can gifts bring us closer to God?

    Parashat Tzav - Morah Jeanie has written a blog about this week's parasha and how we should give gifts.
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  • 01/04/20


    This morning Mrs Yalonetzky shares her enjoyment of reading aloud by reading her daughter Alex, the thrilling classic 'We're Going on a Bearhunt'.
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