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Cuffley Day 1 Blog

It is currently 5:30pm and today has been amazing!

When we first arrived we were greeted warmly with cosy pods and friendly instructors. We quickly discovered that anyone who disregards the rules would be brutally (!) punished by doing ten burpees (at least!). So far we’ve totalled over 100 burpees….

Our first activity was the Leap Of faith, where we climbed a tall tower then attempted to leap off and grab onto a bar. The second activity was fire-starting, where we were shown different ways to create a fire, and we gained access to some flint and steel! We later on started our own fire. Finally, we completed the Nightwalk - a lengthy blindfolded course throughout the woods. There were multiple challenging obstacles to complete blindfolded, including a tunnel, hurdles (not jumped over) and trees.

Getting ready for Leap of Faith
Trust in your friends... the Nightwalk
Just hanging out! At the Leap of Faith


We’ve had a wonderful day so far and with the promise of supper and marshmallows the evening is sure to be amazing as well!

More photos to follow...

Reported by

Joseph S, Ariel S & Cessca V