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Jewish Book Week

Year 6 received an exciting visit.

On Monday 9th March 2020, we were lucky enough to receive a visit from Jewish author Mark Binder as part of Jewish Book Week. We were the only primary school that he visited so we were very honoured!

Mark told us a lot of different stories; one of them we thought was true, until the slug swallowed his sister! (Ask Year 6 to retell the story - it was very good!) Other stories he told us included Goldilocks and the Three Bubbis, which is a twist on the story where Goldilocks steals porridge from bears. In this she steals chicken soup, and the bubbis try to marry her to their grandsons, which caused lots of laughter in the classroom!

The visit ended (after some harmonica playing) with us hearing a story about the village of Chelm, and two warring factions. We got to pretend to be those peoples, before a wise Rabbi settled the differences.

Mark very kindly left us a copy of one of his books and we look forward to reading more of his stories.