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Year 1 meet a sofer as part of their Books & Scrolls Topic

As part of the year one Jewish learning curriculum for the summer term, Year one was lucky to have a sofer, a scribe come to visit. A sofer Stam writes the Sifrei Torah, Tfefillin and Mezuzot.  He explained the importance of his job and how a Torah cannot have any mistakes.  He showed the children what materials are used to make a Torah scroll and explained how the ink is made and showed them a quill.  He let them see a megillah that he had written and the children were able to pass it round and examine the lettering.  When writing a Torah the scribe writes underneath the line as opposed to on top of the line.  The sofer explained how certain letters have crowns on top of them.  He told the children that it takes roughly 2,000 hours or over a year to write a Torah and that you never do anything by heart.  He also told them that there are 4,000 laws that Soferim have to learn. The children were fascinated by his talk and had lots of questions.  He kindly stayed and promised to write all their names in Hebrew for them.