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Year 3 blog

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  • 17/07/19

    Design Technology Day

    A specialist DT teacher visits Alma Primary 
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  • 10/07/19

    Year 3 put their maths skills into practice

    Delicious biscuits!
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  • 24/06/19

    Insulators and Conductors

    Year 3 have been learning about how to create circuits. They learnt that a circuit needs to be complete and must go to the positive and negative sides of the power supply. Year 3 also learnt about insulators and conductors, adding different objects in to break in a circuit and explore whet...
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  • 07/06/19

    PSHE- Kindness

    Year 3 are learning to think about the impact of what they say and how they act towards others.
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  • 06/06/19

    Year 3 Jump for Jake!

    Year 3 jump an enormous 23,991 times for charity. 
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  • 04/04/19

    Religious Eductaion

    Learning about Easter with Sacred Heart Primary School
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  • 29/03/19

    Visit to The British Musuem

    Ancient Egypt comes to life!
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  • 08/03/19

    Walk Like an Egyptian!

    Year 3 are a huge success in their play!
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  • 25/02/19

    Year 3 are flying high in Science Week!

    Exploring forces
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