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Moat Mount Visit

On Tuesday 13th July we went up the A1 to Moat Mount. We started off the day with some team building activities in groups of 6. Our first challenge was to come up with a team name - this was much harder than we thought it would be! We had to come up with strategies to solve various problems as a group. These problems included the swamp problem, where we had to work out how to get the whole team and all the equipment over the 'swamp'. There was also the chair challenge which required us to rearrange numbered chairs without putting a higher number chair on a lower number chair. One of our favourite challenges was the golf ball maze where we had to communicate with each other to move a golf ball though a wooden maze that had holes in. 


After lunchtime (during which we met Marnie - a dog belonging to one of the instructors!) we split into two groups. One group went on a nature walk and the other group got to try archery! Some of us were regular Robin Hoods, getting centre shots on our first go. Others, like Miss Wetton, took a lot of tries before they even hit the board!