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Jewish Learning and Our Planet

Year 5 have created their own ‘perfect place’ artwork inspired by the work of Chris Jordan and the quote:

‘See to it that you do not spoil or destroy my world for if you do, there will be no one to repair it.’ Midrash Kohelet Rabbah, 1 on Ecclesiastes 7:13

We have been learning about Tu B’Shvat and the different Jewish biblical teachings about the importance of looking after our planet, in relation to our spring topic. We have looked at our role in promoting Tikkun Olam. In addition to this, we explored the relevance of the Jewish teachings in relation to the disastrous consequences of palm oil production.

Chris Jordan is an artist who uses waste and rubbish to create detailed and thought provoking pieces of art. His work also prompted some interesting class discussions about consumerism and our current life styles.

We thought carefully about what our own, individual ideal landscape would look like and used a variety of materials to create our collages.