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Heads Up!

Who has the power? The bully? The target? The witness?

We have been loving our weekly ‘Heads Up’ sessions as part of our RSHE curriculum. We have been building our emotional literacy as well as learning core skills such as problem-solving, emotional resiliency and how to manage peer relationships. One lesson, which was a particular favourite for the class, was about the different feelings that people have in a bullying situation. We looked at how the bully, target and witness might all feel and how they could behave and react in such a situation. We spoke about the importance of not being a ‘bystander’ and standing up for or supporting the target (victim) if appropriate and safe to do so. We discussed who we should tell in such situations and then explored the power that each person has and how to relinquish that from the bully. The children came up with some really profound and insightful points for discussion.