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PSHE and Mental Health & Wellbeing


ear 4 have been learning about: 'Safeguarding.' They know that it is about looking after oneself and their bodies and making sure that they are safe from harm, both physically and mentally. The children discussed ‘trust’ and the people in their lives whom they go to speak to if they are worried about something. We also explored the fact that we have rights and our bodies and minds are ours so we need to ensure that we know how to protect ourselves and what to do if we feel we can’t. We learnt exactly what the term ‘Safeguarding’ means, how the staff at school work hard to safeguard us and how we can safeguard each other and ourselves.

The children went on to learn about the NSPCC “PANTS” rule:

Privates are private.

Always remember your body belongs to you.

No means no.

Talk about secrets that upset you.

Speak up, someone can help.