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  • 14/12/23

    14.12.23 – Learning all about Holi

    Colour celebrations and happiness! 
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  • 07/12/23

    07.12.23 - Year 4 are journalists!

    Headline fun and silliness in Year 4!
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  • 17/11/23

    17.11.23 - Mitzvah Day

    We have been learning all about the importance of doing good deeds and helping others!
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  • 13/11/23


    Something or someone crash landed in the Year 4 classroom. What was it? Why did it come to Alma? Who was it? Was it or were they from this planet?!
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  • 12/10/23

    Smile - it lets your teeth breathe!

    Your dentists will be happy!
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  • 05/10/23

    George's Marvellous Medicine

    For their home learning task, the children were asked to create their own representations of George's Marvellous Medicine and were encouraged to be as creative as possible. Look at these incredible works of art! They will certainly put fireworks in our tummies if we drank that!
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  • 14/09/23

    Year 4's Constellation of Stickability Stars

    We have been learning about our whole school theme of 'Resilience' and exploring ways that we can develop our own resilience individually and as a class. In celebration of Rosh Hashana,  the Jewish New Year, we reflected on the previous year and thought about ways that we can devel...
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  • 07/09/23

    Jewish Learning in Year 4

    We discussed, explored and celebrated what Jewish life is like at Alma. We thought about all the prayers that we learn and recite, learning days that we participate in, festivals that we enjoy and much much more! 
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